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Yoga Practice

I am Empowered

Yoga at Home

I am Healthy

I am Responsible  -  Lifestyle Coaching 

Learn the right foods for you.

Learn how to meditate.

Learn how to care for your body daily.

Learn how to breathe.

Learn your bodies imbalances and how to balance them. 

Accountability professional to help you push through the challenges and come up with creative solutions to the challenges.

3 months

6 months

I am Relaxed  -  Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue



Rain Drop

Aroma Touch

I am Settled  -  Cranial-Sacral

Suble hands on work. Light touch. Often use of breathe work, visualization, and tuning forks are used. 

Very good for emotion reset, grounding, physical alignment.

I am Balanced  -  Bowen

Subtle manipulation with wait times for the body to process "cook". 

This resets the balance in the body. Emotional, Chemical, Mental, Physical Balancing.

Price per hour: $100

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