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I invite you to learn a little about how I approach the body in your sessions in the section below.  I also invite you to read some testimonials of how some individuals felt after their session. If this sounds like something you would like to explore further, I look forward on hearing from you.
In Love and Light,
Denise Fisher CMT, RBP, CST, AHC

My approach

In the beginning of your session I identify what your intent for your session is that day. Because I look at the body as a whole, we will explore mind, body, spirit.

What does that mean?

Body = Tangible, muscles, organs, bones, etc.

Spirit = Energy that sparks your body, provided by the nervous system

Mind = Thoughts and emotions that your body follows.

Breath = Bridgeway between Body and Mind.

What does this mean for your session?

During your session I remain neutral and allow your body's healing to come forth. I have many modalities/tools to help. Connection with breath is a big part of the process also. I hold space for you to see and hold your highest potential. It is my goal for you to step away from your session with a lighter mind and connected body/spirit. You should leave your session feeling in your body, and empowered.

Everyone is on a different journey so every session for each person may feel a little different. Stay mindful and playful with what comes up and you will be sure to live the best life you can.

My Philosophy

Denise Fisher CMT, RBP, CST, AHC

The body is designed to heal itself.  It knows what it needs. When we are still and listening, the body will present us with the answers.  Pain or problems in different areas all happen for a reason.  When you know how to read the body, it will tell you everything you need to know.

I consider myself a Wellness Advocate and Facilitator:

Advocate: 1. A person who represents another persons interest. 2. Supports or suggests an idea, development, or way of doing something.

Facilitator: 1. Someone who helps to bring about an outcome. 

We are all where we are right now because of the choices we have made in our lives.  That goes for the cellular level in our body's also.  The food we eat, the thoughts we think, the actions we make, they all create a reaction in the body just as certain as breathing.


We mostly live this life on fast forward so when reactions in the body start to show up we typically ignore all the signs until it screams loud enough to hear, the pain, the depression, the discomfort etc... And it is usually when people get to this point that they come into my office.


It becomes what feels like an emergency that needs to get fixed now.  Keep in mind, it has taken weeks, months, often times even years of accumulation.  Massage can help immediate discomfort in the body. However, true healing comes from within. True changes are made when we create new patterns, habits, or cycles. I can do my part in this healing process. But ultimately, YOU are in the driver seat of your own health.


As an advocate and facilitator, I listen and watch for what the body on my table is showing me.  I communicate/educate what I am witnessing. Then I facilitate with the tools in my toolbox (modalities) the best course of action.

Because of this, I do not section out every modality with a price. I never want someone to pick the cheapest or the most expensive offering based on their pocket book. 

As a facilitator, I choose the modality based on your needs only. This choice is determined based on a history, discussion, and what I visually see and/or palpate.  

This is how I have seen the best result in my 24 years of experience.

yang ylang hotel poolside.jpg

"Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of having Denise as my go-to massage therapist. Simply put, she has that innate sixth sense to know exactly what my body needs and the training/experience to deliver. One of my favorite parts of the massage she incorporates in our sessions is a bit of cranio-sacral techniques that seem to put me in deep, meditative rest. As someone who is highly active with various exercise regiments, I highly recommend Denise."

-Paul Suhr, Client


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