• Denise Fisher


Updated: Feb 14, 2021

All around us there is something to see. It was easy to spot the beauty and bask in the rays that peered between the trees. I'd have to say that I have mentally brought myself back here to this time and this place when I have been in other places that wasn't so easy to see the gratitude.

Remembering that this was a privilege and not part of my everyday life, helps me bring gratitude to my everyday life. The enrichment I get from my experiences is priceless. The joy of being in this moment, and capturing this moment (and many others) is valuable to me.

What brings you joy and gratitude?

What is your perception of your life?

These two pictures are of the late sunrise and sunset on the same beach. Our perspective, our timing, our company, the energies of the world, there many factors to how we perceive our life. But we do have a choice of the lens we look through when in the moment.

Just a thought

No matter where the sun is in your life, it is your choice to create an essence or emotion around it. No one else can make that choice for you. If you do not make that choice mindfully you allow other sources to influence the choice for you. Either way it is a choice you have control of.

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