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My recent journey to Costa Rica

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

From November 27 through December 21 I embarked on a journey. To further my education, to learn how to become a yoga instructor which is a sister science to my Ayurvedic training. This was a 3 week immersion into a daily lifestyle in the jungle. Daily yoga, a vegetarian diet, daily mediation, and daily breathing techniques (pranayama).

Everyday was a resounding "Best Day Ever"!

This view was a 5 minute steep hike to what was called "Skylab". This was a place to reflect, do yoga, watch meteor showers and star gaze, watch the sunrise over the ocean, be attacked by ants, and a funny story of one of my classmates being attacked on the foot by a vulture during her mediation.

Stunning views

It wasn't hard with views like this to find the stillness and live in a place of gratitude. Literally breathtaking moments like this one allowed me to feel at one with nature.

While the world seemed to literally be falling apart all around in the year 2020, these moments helped create an internal peace that could not be wavered. The miraculous and awe-inspiring experiences will live on forever inside and I hope to share the essence of my experience with everyone who enters my field.

A Sunset River walk to the Ocean

Experiences and discussions with classmates created connections that I hope will continue through the years.

Our Yoga Studio for 3 weeks

Between a thunderstorm that came through, the monkeys that communicated with each other back and forth on either side of the pagoda, the bugs that feasted on our blood, and the 11 other students that shared the experience, this forever lives in my cells and brings me great joy (except the blood thirsty bugs).

A visual of some meals

With an Ayurvedic approach to food, our meal times were precise and meal times were purposeful.

Breakfast started at 9am. This was a silent meal for an hour. No talking, no phone, only personal reflection time.

Snack time at 12:15. This included fruit and tea or water.

Lunch started at 2pm. This is the largest meal of the day. 3 course meal. A salad and main course and then dessert.

Dinner was at 7pm. Usually a soup or kitcharie. Something easy to digest and light but nourishing in nature. Often followed with tea is desired.

The loudest mammal on earth

The Howler Monkey is the loudest mammal on earth from what I've been told. They live up to their reputation. They keep to themselves. They are great observers to their environment. And lay it all out there for all to see. They were sweet to watch.

All in all the experience was amazing and would love to visit again. Happy to be back home and share the experience.

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