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Delta Family Chiropractic

Dr. David Young, D.C.


The Four Essentials For Health...
Health is something you are given at birth and should be maintained throughout your Unfortunately, we are never taught what we need for optimal health and specifically what needs to be maintained.

To understand how to obtain our optimal health and potential, we first have to know what the essentials of life are: Food, Oxygen, Water, and Mental Impulse.

Most people are aware of the first three essentials. Professionals agree that making poor choices in these categories results in a decrease in health potential. For example: If you eat high fat foods, what would be the possible condition of your arteries in 10 years? If you said narrowed arteries due to fatty build up which results in lowered health potential, you are probably right.

The fourth category, mental impulse, is often overlooked and is the most important. Interference within the nervous system results in the inability to have optimal health regardless of proper food, water, and oxygen intake.

Nerve interference:
Nerve interference is an overload in the brain and nerve system that interferes with mental impulse flow, resulting in wasted life energy and dis-ease (lack of ease).

Correction of nerve interference results in the restoration of brain, nerve, and organ system function, muscular balance, relaxed posture, and increase in vitality and overall wellness.

The chiropractor's job is to remove interference, allowing the mental impulses to get to the tissue cells and replace abnormal cells with normal cells. This process is called healing. When nerve interference is corrected and the nervous system is properly maintained, optimum impulses get through and your body has a greater potential to heal and stay well.




My Sisters Farm

Pattie Chelseth, Valerie Chelseth, & Janet Chelseth


My Sisters’ Farm is located on a beautiful 10 acre parcel of land in the foothills east of Sacramento.


We began with raising Icelandic sheep; a heritage triple purpose breed, known for outstanding wool, meat and milk.

We have expanded to the beautiful heritage breed Royal Palm Turkeys, and Brahma & Buff chickens for eggs. Our flocks graze on pastures and get supplemental organic feeds.

We work with bio-dynamic composting methods and strive for a farm where the animals are truly honored for their service to us and are given an organic and natural style of life.

Our lovely brown eggs are from happy chickens who roam the farm and are only locked up at night to protect them from predators.

Look for future growth as the sisters, Pattie, Valerie and Janet, retire from their day jobs as firefighter, sheriff deputy and nurse practitioner to be able to do what they love full time. Raise healthy food for the community and teach this process to any interested folks who would like to learn.

Come visit us and enjoy the solitude of the “Willow Tree Grotto” located at the heart of the farm’s large pond with a flow form fountain, or the expansive view overlooking the 10 acre lake and magnificent oaks.

Keep in touch to learn what classes and events we are having at the farm. Our first class was on Felting. Be on the lookout for a bread oven building class soon, and more!



Akshaun Designs

Shaun Simmons


"A" (अ) means to receive
"ksha" (क्ष) means to give
aksha (अक्ष) the ability to receive and give


AkShaun Designs combines sacred Rudraksha beads and quality gemstones infused with Love to create exquisite jewelry. Hand made in Maui, Hawaii.